The US retail company and the largest supermarket chain, Kroger, have created the ExpressHR portal where their employees can easily track their information, personal profile, change of address, change of direct deposit, emergency contact, and change of W-4. Kroger’s human resources department is now termed Kroger ExpressHR.


The company also has locations in Mexico, Canada, and China. In 2015, Kroger started selling its products online through the Home Central website. It is headquartered in downtown Cincinnati. Kroger’s history can be traced to a horse-drawn wagon owned by Bernard Kroger called “The Star Cash Store.” The store opened in 1883, selling staples such as flour, sugar, and coffee. Kroger opened its first supermarket in 1929, which was then considered “a huge innovation.”

Kroger employees have an easy entrance to express HR facilities after signing in with their company ID and password. These credentials can also be used by employees in other corporate systems. Due to its increasing size and the expansion of the employee database across international borders due to Kroger’s industrial growth, Kroger required a simple and productive solution to hire new employees and manage its employees. This is where express HR comes in the picture.


All Kroger employees can manage their hours through the ExpressHR Login portal like working hours, product specifications and details, etc. This online portal also provides a wide range of useful tools that employees can use on your behalf.

The ExpressHR Resources service used by Kroger can manage personal details regarding employees, such as name, physical address, emergency contact details, company compensation, and other details such as personal information like Kroger Payroll.

Using ExpressHR you can access all your roles through the Kroger secure web login for your account. So you don’t have to look elsewhere for progress. You can even find your payment information here.